September 11./

I’m still here. Update soon. I’m just listening to music tonight and I’ll catch up tomorrow. This song has me caught up inside: Bloc Party: The Healing Calm down, let the world spin roundThere ain’t no other place to beTake this lifelineSkin tearsBut the flesh will weaveBack together againOnly scars now Go easy, just beAsContinue reading “September 11./”

August 29./

Today was my first day out of quarantine. To be honest, the day was somewhat anticlimactic. I expected that I’d spend time wandering around town but instead I was lazy. Hotel living is hard and while I want to be out, I didn’t muster up the energy. There are definitely parks to explore around BiloxiContinue reading “August 29./”

August 26./

After class this morning, I went for a quick drive to Gulfport to grab some food and get hotel supplies. With the rigamarole of moving, I wasn’t paying attention to how long I’d be in a hotel. By the time this course is done and I’ve moved to Pensacola, I’ll have been in hotels forContinue reading “August 26./”

August 25./

After abandoning blogging a few years ago, I’ve fallen out of the “web-design” loop. WordPress has changed their entire setup with the block editing. It’s nice and I wish they would have done it five years but I’m totally clueless on how to get it to work. Maybe I’ve become too used to automated designsContinue reading “August 25./”

August 21./

As I drove home from the grocer, “City Lights” played through my car speakers. Wind whipped through the open windows and filled the song with a cool static. The car seemed to drive itself. My hand gently stretched out grabbed at nothing. To the left, a truck creeped by and added an ugly rumble. ItsContinue reading “August 21./”

August 18./

Day two of class! Everything goes smooth. Glad to have busted out the headphones. I feel more like myself listening to music. I know that I’m talking into the void but if anyone wants to talk music, I’m always down. I randomly found this indie running playlist and it’s actually good. Indie music became allContinue reading “August 18./”

August 17./

First day of class is finished! With how busy I’ve been planning this move, I haven’t really spent time meeting new people. It was pretty cool to meet others from around the country – even if it was only online. Not much else to report. I’ve been listening to post-punk today for the first timeContinue reading “August 17./”

August 15./

First day off island. It took 3 flights and 15 hours to get to Biloxi. I think I managed to snag 4 hours of sleep. Usually I’m not too bad with jetlag. It’s 9pm here and my eyes are sore from being awake. But I’ve managed to stay up. Tomorrow I’ll get to explore theContinue reading “August 15./”

August 14./

Sitting at the HNL airport, it’s finally starting to dawn on me that I’m leaving. I’ve been go go go for so long preparing for the move that I haven’t really felt sad about moving. Today I drove the North shore coast to Kaneohe. The weather has been perfect and my entire left side ofContinue reading “August 14./”

August 13./

It’s strange – today was my last full day living in Hawaii. It’s been five years since I arrived. I’ve thought about what to write tonight but I keep coming up short. There isn’t a way to capture this much of my life in an eloquent post. I’ll write what I can. When I arrived,Continue reading “August 13./”


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