December 31./ New Year’s, New Bloggers

Isn’t it funny how New Year’s brings in new bloggers? I think it’s wonderful that there’s a still an interest in the online writing community. Writing longhand just feels more right to me – like there’s space to breathe. As is popular to do around this time, I thought I’d put down a few wordsContinue reading “December 31./ New Year’s, New Bloggers”

October 6./

To get some fresh air this afternoon, I walked down a remote part of Pensacola Beach. The skies were bleak and there was a light drizzle. I didn’t go with the intention of getting in the water, I just wanted to spend some time outside. As I walked, I decided to take a few picturesContinue reading “October 6./”

Impressions./ “On Photography” by Susan Sontag

To cut straight to the point, I love Susan’s work. With each of her pieces, I’ve found myself reevaluating how I look at the world. It’s cliché to say that a books give new perspectives but with Susan’s, I really feel it. As with the other impressions, this is not a review. “On Photography” isContinue reading “Impressions./ “On Photography” by Susan Sontag”

Essay./ Note to the Artist

There’s this confusion that new artists have a tendency to exhibit. I want to clear it up. Whatever you feel, put it into your art. Nothing is off the table. It doesn’t matter what it is- there is no exception to this. There is nothing too indecent or wrong to work with. It’s common forContinue reading “Essay./ Note to the Artist”

Impressions./ “On the Road” by Jack Kerouac

Utter madness. That’s how I would describe “On the Road”. In high school, we read a few passages from “On the Road” but I didn’t connect with it. Kerouac’s way of describing environments seemed unnecessarily complicated. I was young, too, and didn’t understand the writing. It didn’t help that the reading was obligatory, which immediatelyContinue reading “Impressions./ “On the Road” by Jack Kerouac”

Impressions./ “1985” (Movie)

The trees are blowing around out my window as we wait for Hurricane Sally to pass by Biloxi. It’s a dark day outside. The rain has come and gone in five minute drizzles. As I’ve sat in my hotel room watching movies, I can’t help but want to nudge the hurricane past us. It lingersContinue reading “Impressions./ “1985” (Movie)”

Impressions/. “Brokeback Mountain” by Annie Proulx

The first memory I have of “Brokeback Mountain” was in fifth grade, when the movie came out. I remember running around and playing “smear the queer” with the neighborhood boys. The boy, whose house we were often at, was disgusted by the movie. His parents had watched it the night prior and he had caughtContinue reading “Impressions/. “Brokeback Mountain” by Annie Proulx”

Impressions/. The Portrait of Mr. W.H. by Oscar Wilde

To be honest, I’ve avoided a lot of classic stories because I normally find the older English writing styles inaccessible. For me, it’s hard to become engrossed in a story that is difficult to read. Especially when I have to pause and reread back a few pages. Oscar Wilde has been a name that I’veContinue reading “Impressions/. The Portrait of Mr. W.H. by Oscar Wilde”

September 11./

I’m still here. Update soon. I’m just listening to music tonight and I’ll catch up tomorrow. This song has me caught up inside: Bloc Party: The Healing Calm down, let the world spin roundThere ain’t no other place to beTake this lifelineSkin tearsBut the flesh will weaveBack together againOnly scars now Go easy, just beAsContinue reading “September 11./”