July 21./

It’s beginning to feel like every blog post I write starts with an apology about how long it’s been since I’ve last written. This time it appears another few months have gone by. Oh well.

Summer is passing but in Hawaii it’s hard to tell. The trees are in full blossom and the fragrance of flowers awakens me when I walk outside. It’s truly beautiful to live here. Next month will mark one year since arriving.

It’s odd how so much is different when nothing has changed. It’s all empty I suppose. The luscious grass and chirping birds in the morning. I, too, am empty. Like a mirror reflecting a mirror. Jet planes crackle with speed high above my home.


Theme Update!

I’m so happy, I could cry. It took months to find the theme I wanted to use on this website. Last year I found the one you see now… with one minor gripe. The homepage displays only an excerpt from each post. It was limited to a couple hundred characters. It frustrated the hell out me.

It sounds trivial to care so much about a minor aspect of this theme but it consumed how I shared. The way it displayed each post required an image at a certain width. While it’s great to share a photo, sometimes it feels limiting to be forced to do it on every single post. Not everything I write needs a photo to go with it.

With that being said, I scoured the internet for a fix tonight. Surprisingly, the company I purchased the theme from had a forum where it was quick to find the solution. It took about an hour to understand how to edit the base files for the theme but I figured it out. It felt like the Myspace days when you’d have to know basic HTML to change your profile.

Now, when you go to the homepage, you can see the full blog posts without having to click on them.

*sighs in relief

It sounds silly but this made my night. I feel like I can resume blogging regularly here. It’s a good thing too because today is now day five of BLOGtober. I’ll work on today’s post after I get some sleep. I’ll be dreaming in HTML now. Ha-ha.

I hope you have a wonderful night! 🙂

Downed Server

Tonight the server which hosts this site is down, so I’m writing briefly from Pages on my desktop. There isn’t a lot going on here; it’s the week before Thanksgiving and everyone is waiting for the long weekend. Most of my friends are leaving to go home but I decided to stick around good ol’ Charleston for the break.

The temperature is finally dropping! It gets as low as 25 degrees outside during the day. The truck I was driving earlier cautioned that there may be ice on the road. Who knew that it could below freezing this far south in the country! I know I’ve spent too much time down here because I’m actually cold. Right now in Minneapolis it’s much colder.

Again, I don’t have anything new to report, so I’ll keep it short. I hope you’re all having a wonderful end of the week and I’ll catch you all later when the server is back up!



So I just wanted to write another update quickly. This past month I’ve been studying for an important exam at my job. It takes up most of my mental energy everyday and unfortunately has been bad for blogging. Today I spent about 5 hours studying and I’ll spend the same amount tomorrow.

There isn’t a date where I’ll be taking the test but I should have it completed by Thanksgiving. It’s incredibly important and comprehensive for maintaining my job. Fortunately when it’s completed I won’t have anymore tests for a few years.

What this means for the blog is that the rest of this 365 will be around the testing period. There probably won’t be many long posts again until December. There’s currently a long list on my door of posts that I want to make. They are all topics that I want to spend more time writing on and I’ll do so when I have more time.

I hope that you’ll stick around until then. I can’t wait to share what I’ve been doing for the past few months! On my desktop I have a post draft of my trip to Germany in 2012. It’s late but I wanted to share the pictures and story. Maybe that’ll be done by next weekend! Anyways, hope you are having a wonderful night!