X-Men: Days of Future Past


I’m not sure if I’ve ever keyboard smashed on my blog but this movie was fantastic. It’s not as good as Captain America: The Winter Solider but it’s definitely better than The Amazing Spiderman 2. If you haven’t seen any of these movies you should go see them all right now. If you’re not into the series then you should probably skip this post because it’s just going to be me fangirling over Marvel. No other real point.

Here are some of the reasons you should see X-men: DoFP:

-Hugh Jackman’s butt is displayed for more than 2 seconds. If you think he’s fit above his waist, you should see his bottom-side. The theater was holding their breath during this part. Even the guys around me were commenting on how nice his butt is. Basically if you have no other reason, go to see Hugh Jackman’s butt.

-Jennifer Lawrence / Mystique / Raven has so much story! There’s so much emotion and build around her and it’s nice to finally get some more plot involving her. Her movements and fighting style are always fun to watch and this movie was no exception.

-There are a lot of new mutants with new abilities. One of my favorite scenes involves the speedster Quicksilver running around messing with people. Another mutant has the ability to throw and create portals. Even the enemies in this movie are exciting and new.

-It ties all the other X-men movies together. If you haven’t seen the other movies, maybe this one wouldn’t be as good. But recognizing scenes and characters from the other movies (like Lucas Till as “Havok”) makes the movie a lot more interesting. They continue conversations that were left unfinished in the other movies and really fill everything in. If anything this movie is just the connection between all the other ones.

-The cast list is amazing – Ellen Page and Jenifer Lawrence were both awesome and fun to watch on the screen. Hugh Jackman as well as the other X-men cast were also great. Storm even rocks a new haircut in the future.


Guys, you really have to see this one. I don’t really push people to go to the movies but this one I really urge you to go. It was fantastic and I think everyone would enjoy it! Check it out!




Days like today make me wonder if I’ve even changed at all in the past year. Tonight I went to the movies and saw The Monuments Men with my brother and his fiance. We went over to their new apartment and hung out for a few hours like we used to last May.┬áSome things change, like the crowd around you, but sometimes the habits and the things that you do are so ingrained within you that you maintain them.

When I come back next time, will I be the same person? Will everyone else be the same? Minnesota won’t change but its people will. The music on the radio seems to be a mix between electronic and folk these days. More people are moving away from the emo/scene and dark looks. Where will everything be in three years? The rest of my life?

Do I want to come back to Minnesota in 3 years or will I just want to travel? Will I be able to afford traveling? These are all questions that run through my head constantly. I think I need to read Eckhard Tolle’s “The Power of Now” again before I get to caught up in everything.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful Monday night!