Day of Happy

Today’s post is inspired by Joel Robison‘s 100 days of happy project on Instagram! He just completed it last Wednesday! For this project, you take a photo of what you’re happy about in life for 100 days. While I’d love to participate in the project, I’m juggling this 365 project with work. Instead I’ve decided to blog today about things I’m happy about in my life!

A few months ago I bought Brooke Shaden‘s book “Inspiration in Photography” but I’m just starting to read it now! It’s so exciting to see an artist that I’ve watched grow on Flickr publish a book. It’s beautiful and I definitely recommend it!

After a couple weeks of procrastinating, I finally pinned maps onto the wall! It’s starting to feel homey in here!

With a gift card I received from my aunt for my birthday, I purchased Amanda Palmer’s upcoming book “The Art of Asking”. She’s a wonderful human-being and her music is fantastic. It’s incredible that she’s finally releasing a book!

Finally, Bath’s entire album “Obsidian” is incredible. I think I listened through this album 3 times today because I love it so much! Seriously Baths is an incredible artist!
Those are today’s moments of “happy” or “appreciation”. Maybe in the future, after this 365 project, I’ll do a #100daysofhappy or something! It’s a wonderful project and I encourage you to check out the tag on Instagram!


11/31 Blogtober

P.S. Still happy about this:




Tonight I had the ethereal experience of meeting with Joel Robison, Sarah Ann Loreth, and Shane Black. Many people feel distant from those who inspire them because they see them on screens. They watch them on TV or hear about them on the internet. There’s always some barrier to be transcended and these people always feel so far away.

Lately in the photo community, these barriers have started to fall. Photographers like The Wild Ones go out and support other artists. They teach and encourage us to follow our dreams. By meeting with them tonight, they’ve made the art community feel so much closer for me. I can’t thank them enough for taking time to come visit and I’ll definitely be writing more about this tomorrow! Hope you are all having a wonderful night!


7/31 Blogtober