Oh how joyous it would be to take a summer off and garden. No job, no obligations, just focus on growing plants. I sit now with an old stack of letters next to me. As I read through them, I realize that life is cyclical. Our moods change with the season and come back. The lows you knew yesterday will sweep through you again and the highs will lift you back out.

Yet anticipations of tomorrow never came and may never arrive. This is because the primary catalyst for change in your life is you, not circumstance. The thing which holds you back is not a thing, it’s you. Those dreams you have, you can make them a reality. But first you must overcome circumstance.

You must cultivate your life but you cannot rush it. Like gardening, you do everything in your power to let the plants grow strong and tall. But you cannot prevent a rainstorm or a drought, which will destroy the garden. Instead, you must work with your plants each day until they come to fruition. Life is built on this cultivation and patience, focus on it and your life will bloom.



Exploring Cypress Gardens

firstA few months ago, my car died and I’ve been stranded with a poor public transportation system. The only times I go out are when friends make trips to the store or when others let me use their car. So when I woke up to a text, “let’s explore something today”, I jumped out of bed at the offer.

My friend Cory and I decided to explore Cypress Gardens, a local area that offers 170 acres of gardens and swamp. The park is a series of trails that surround a wooded swamp. When I first arrived in Charleston, my friend Kate recommended I go to the gardens for photography. While nothing was blooming, I had the opportunity to photograph Cory instead.


This swamp was filled with trees, lily pads, and apparently…


Cory is from California and I’m from Minnesota. Neither of us have seen an alligator outside of a zoo. Now we’re going to walk trails that could have them laying next to us! Maybe we should have known from Cypress Gardens’ logo, or the map they gave us, or that we live in South Carolina.

Nonetheless, we drove a half an hour to visit the park. We weren’t going to leave just because of alligators or “other animals” (still wondering about that).

IMG_8008This trail was marked with the sign from the earlier photo. As you can see, it’s wide and clearly defined. Having no previous experience with southern wildlife, we both cautiously started on the trail. On the left the swamp is about 3-4 feet from the path. This means easy access for an alligator to grab us and drag us to our premature deaths.

Around 200 feet down, the trail narrows and becomes less defined. This is where people reevaluated their decision to walk down the trail. I don’t blame them because there was another two less official signs, one read “CAUTION Alligators and snakes may rest upon trails. Never approach an alligator.” The other probably said, “Walk this trail and you’ll surely meet your end!”. It may as well have.

But, we weren’t going to be deterred from a great experience!


If you didn’t know, alligators sound like bullfrogs, or at least that’s what I’ve been told.

As we walked down the ever-narrowing trail, the sound of bullfrogs became clear. It was like everything was quiet so we could focus all of our attention on our inevitable doom. I don’t understand why the trail was so close to the swamp, it’s like they were trying to feed us to the alligators.


This of course didn’t stop us from occasionally pausing for photographs.


The trail felt like it lasted forever and it didn’t stop narrowing until we got much further ahead. Bushes and fallen trees obscured the path so we didn’t always know where to step. It was evident that this trail wasn’t frequently used because there were spider webs all over the place.


It looks innocent enough… but how about closer to its actual size…


After seeing one, we realized that there were spiders covering bushes along the entire trail. Then we stepped into a web that stretched 4 feet wide, as if the spider had hopes of catching a bear. There weren’t any bear encounters on this trail thankfully.


Occasionally the trail would dart right and it would look like it was coming to an end… but it wasn’t. It only brought us closer to the sound of bullfrogs and other potential predators.

The end of the trail was completely covered in bushes, half-downed trees, and broken bridges/walkways over the swamp. It brought us to large mounds of dirt that we’d have to climb around. Oh, I forgot to mention the caution tape.

Along the way, in the middle of the woods, there was caution tape between trees or shrubs. Parts of the trail walked directly next to this stuff, which reminded me of police investigation tape. So while we were hearing bullfrogs, dodging giant spiders, and trying to stay on trail, we had to observe caution tape… on a hiking trail with alligators…


Eventually our adventure came to an end. We found an opening back to pavement, as if a blessing from the gods. It was abrupt and opened into a wide, and heavily traveled, path. Our trail almost vanished behind us with how obscure the way was.


From then on we sailed smoothly through the rest of the park. Joyous that mosquitoes weren’t gnawing at our legs and that the spiders were gone. Here’s a few more images from rest of adventure…


This was a burial site right after we exited the woods. The cross stood 15 feet high with three gravestones at its base.IMG_8153

Look at how happy we are to be out of the woods!



If life gives you a trail of alligators and spider webs, I would suggest finding bug spray and wearing pants before going on it. No matter what happens in life, you’ll always have an adventure. Bug spray or not.

This morning I woke up to an invitation to explore something new. I darted out of bed in anticipation of finding that new experience. This is how life should be; waking up with the excitement to explore the world and going out to do it. Days like today remind me that I’m alive and that there’s plenty of the world left to explore.

I hope all of you find that in yourself each day and go out into the world to fulfill it. Right now my legs itch (hopefully not from poison ivy) and I’m exhausted, so I’ll cut this off here. Have a wonderful night everybody and don’t let the sound of bullfrogs scare you away! Life is too short to skip adventures like this!


End of the Week Recap

I want to start by apologizing for another late night blog post. Instead of only writing about 100 words, I want to write a bit more tonight. Truth be told, this week has been full of unexpected pleasant surprises and business. While I wish I could say that my busyness was productive, I don’t have anything to show you for this week. Especially regarding this blog.

Earlier this week I wrote about taking the first photograph in a long time. It was a big deal because I used to take images daily. If I wasn’t out taking photos, I was talking with others who were. Time went on and I disconnected from the people I love. Artists don’t exist where I live, so it’s been a difficult transition. Taking an image this week pushed myself back into that community.

Yesterday I wrote about having exciting news. I don’t want to share any of it yet but I can’t wait until I can. Right now I’m working on many projects that I’ve held in my head. Actually putting them into existence is intoxicating.

Even though I only produced one new image this week, I’ve already felt a jolt back into the community. All of my projects revolve around either blogging or art. When I have the opportunity to work on them, I feel like I’m fulfilling a higher purpose. It feels like I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing.

Work rolled by quickly this week and I found myself working on my projects with an abundant amount of time. The time that I was given felt productive. When you lay your head down at night, having those feelings of fulfillment is stellar. There’s nothing like feeling on top of the world.

Speaking of on top of the world, there’s a song I’ve fallen in love with. Yes, I’m late but I never knew the lyrics. To conclude tonight’s post I’ll write the lyrics below and connect it through Spotify. I hope you all had a wonderful week!

“I want to stand with you on a mountain.
I want to bathe with you in the sea.
I want to lay like this forever.
Until the sky falls down on me”

-Truly Madly Deeply, Savage Garden