14 miles before 5AM

Another update for today’s post!

Yesterday I completed my goal of running every weekday. I woke up at 4:30AM everyday and ran 2.5 miles with the exception of Monday, where I ran 3.5 instead. The goal was interesting because it required that I get up 15 minutes before my alarm. I thought that this would make me more exhausted throughout the day. Instead I found that I had the same level of energy for the day.

Exercising in the morning also pushed the importance of getting to bed early. I managed to get to sleep about an hour earlier each night. I didn’t feel more rested but I felt more satisfied knowing that I was exercising daily. This isn’t to say that I sprung out of bed with an enthusiastic smile on my face every morning. I found that I got out of my bed on my first alarm. Usually I roll over through 4-5 alarms.

My diet became more regulated early in the week. As Wednesday rolled around I consumed less protein and found myself eating worse than I was before I started running. I can’t remember the last time I ate so badly. I attribute it to my lack of protein consumption but it could have been a variety of other things. As I exercise more often I require a higher caloric intake and as a vegetarian most of my diet is low calories. Eating more carrots didn’t satisfy me, so I found myself reaching for chocolate instead.

Overall it was a good experience. I’m proud of myself for getting up early and completing this goal on the first attempt. It was gratifying to say that I had run a little under 14 miles before 5:00AM this week. All together that isn’t very much distance but it fit into my schedule and I made it work. More than the 0 miles from the week before.

Will I run everyday next week? Probably not, but I will be running more often in the morning. I’ll aim for 3 days a week and see how that feels. It’s going to be insane sleeping in til 5:00AM this week! I never thought I would say that!



I work out!

As promised, I went to the gym this morning to lift weights. This is the first time in at least a year that I’ve went to the gym to lift weights. I can’t remember ever doing it regularly though. I went at the crack of dawn 0500 when they opened. It was amazing to get the fresh air so early in the morning and to arrive with virtually nobody there.

It was so relieving and exciting that I think I’m going to go the gym every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, until my body gets used to it. I love the feeling and I’m excited to start going more often. It gets me pumped up inside to have something new to do!


I (don’t) work out!

A couple of weeks ago I was reading Davey Wavey’s fitness blog and I realized something: I have a fear of going to the gym.

It wasn’t always this way… one year ago, I was working out 6 days a week. Swimming in my shorts and running almost daily. Not only did I feel physically great, I felt at my mental peak. I wasn’t a stressful person and I felt┬áhealthy.

Fast forward to August 2013 – I stopped going to the gym and simultaneously started an incredibly stressful job. Not only was I no longer relieving my stress, I was getting out of shape. By October and the holidays, I sunk into a depression and my diet collapsed.

Since then, I’ve rebuilt my food habits but I’ve neglected the physical aspect of being healthy. After having my stress spike up again this past week I’ve decided that I need to make a change again. I need to get back into regular exercise.

When I worked out daily last year, everything was much easier. I didn’t have a job or any real commitments. I had ready access to a gym in off hours and I could go at any time. This was the way I fought my gym anxiety. I would just go when nobody my age was there.

Now my current time schedule forces me to go when everyone else is there. Plus everyone is college aged and fit. So if I do meander over to the gym, I feel like I have ten thousand eyes on my laughing at how little weight I can lift.

It’s such a silly thought to think that everyone else is looking at me. It’s selfish, but I feel like I can’t help it.

After realizing that I have gym anxiety, I also feel the need to conquer it. I don’t want to go the gym like everyone else my age. I’m not going to get into drinking C4 or crazy expensive workout supplements. I just want to gain muscle mass more organically.

That’s why I’m committing to going back to the gym. I desperately need to get back into a routine and I want to find that love of fitness again. I’ll keep you all updated on my progress!