Word Count

Last year I earned a reputation as a blog-pusher, which is a person who enthusiastically attempts to get others to blog. I fell in love with writing online, so naturally I spread the passion to friends. I spent a lot of time asking friends to start a blog and usually I was met with much resistance. Often I heard the excuse, “I don’t know what I would write about”.

After writing for eight months, I still don’t know what I’m writing about. Some weeks I write about artists, and other weeks I review things that I like. There are even days that I blog about about blogging (like today!). However, I can always push out 100 words a day for this project. Anyone can.

When this project was created, the minimum standard set for myself was 100 words a day. Like others, I thought that it would be too difficult to write. I feared that eventually the words would run out and there’d be nothing left. Today I installed a plugin to read how many words have been published since December 2013, when I began this blogging project.

I have published 111,117 words. According to Wiki, a common thriller has between 60,000 to 80,000 words, and a mystery could have 100,000 words. While writing a book requires much more organization, I feel like blogging has shown that I have the capability to write over 100,000 words.

This fear that you don’t have enough to write about is completely irrational. It may take time but you can fill a page. If you did a project like this and wrote the bare minimum, you would finish with 36,500 words. Even that is incredible and a low commitment! You just have to spend time building it and cultivating it.


Traveling [short]

Where do you want to go in the world? Why don’t you plan on going there right now? Go to Expedia.com and look how much tickets are. It’s much easier than you probably think it is.

It’s so surprising to hear of all the places that people want to go to but never actually go to. It’s as if the idea of travel is as foreign as the place they want to go. You don’t have to know the language, and it’s usually a lot cheaper than you think it is. At the beginning of this year I looked up tickets to Denmark ($800), Ireland ($700), and Australia ($1,700)(all round trip by the way). Once you find where you want to go, you can couchsurf, stay in hostels, or, of course, stay in a hotel. When you start the process of looking things up online, you will start to see it as a possibility – like a goal. It’s amazing to travel and it’s so disappointing to hear all the places people want to go but are too afraid to go to.

Don’t worry so much, travel is so easy! How can you say you want to go somewhere but not even look into it?! Go out and do it! 😀