Mount Tantalus / Day 23 of 365

Late blog post! Cory and I went driving around Mount Tantalus a couple weeks ago. I was emptying my camera into my computer and noticed that I never posted these photos! It was so beautiful and breezy up there. Sorry about the blurry photos! D:


Color to my Life

Back in August, I volunteered to drive some friends downtown while they were out drinking. As the night progressed they became incredibly drunk and things took a turn for the worst. There was a quarrel and a whole mess of people involved. At the end of night, one of them apologized to me saying that they were sorry about how everything happened. I replied to them with, “don’t worry, tonight added color to my life”.

What I meant is that no matter what happens, experience adds to your life. Whether good or bad, exciting or boring, you’re always growing. Sometimes it’s important to remember that even if a situation doesn’t feel good, you will learn from it and move on. That night was crazy but it added dimension to my life. I feel more vibrant having lived a wide range of experiences. Try to experience life in all ways, and, no matter what happens, grow from it.