It’s painful to live in a world without enthusiasm. I just watched the movie “her” for the first time and it really stuck out to me. What a blessing it is to find people who are in love with the world. Who want to learn more and expand their horizons.

Those who yearn to grown and find new places. They want to explore the other side of town and read books that no one else has read. You can call them what you will. Whether that be “star-people”, “overhumans”, or people that have “actualized”.

They’re in love with their environment and can’t breathe in enough of it. How blessed it is to be around a person like this. They will take you places you never would have found and have a different perspective on the world. They feel emotions and you know they’re true. They aren’t perfect but they’re damn close to it. If you haven’t seen the movie “her” yet, check it out.