Hiking at Waimano Valley / Day 22 of 365

Today I went out hiking with Sarah and Kevin at Waimano Valley!

It was a pretty quick 2 hour hike. The mountains were full of rain and clouds but the trees kept us dry. It was nice to have some cloud coverage; Hawaii has been really hot lately. There were 4 or 5 caves along the trail that were pretty cool to look at. They just went alongside the trail for about 100 feet each time. No idea why they exist.

Overall, it was a nice time to get away and spend some time with friends and the trees. No big fancy words today, just a few pictures. Hope you are all having a wonderful start to your week!



Getting out there and starting YOUR project

Everyday I try to push people into blogging, an effort which rarely succeeds. As I’ve thought about it more and more I’ve realized how defined some people’s “comfort zone”s are. We freely toss around “I couldn’t do that” or “That’s too difficult for me” but fairly often, we’ve never even tried.

We define barriers when we tell ourselves we can’t do something as though we’re guarding against a beast. In reality it’s like building barricades against something inanimate. Like a rock. The rock isn’t going to hurt us. In fact it will take no action unless we walked over and picked it up. The same is true for skills we want to learn.

We say “we could never paint well” and we build a wall between us and that paintbrush. There’s no reason to guard against a paint brush. When you find that you want to learn something, simply walk over and pick up the paint brush. Nothing will happen unless you go make that move. The same can be true for learning anything.

The tasks can be simple like starting to do a hobby that you’ve always wanted to do. It could be as simple as just picking up a book on the Danish language or taking a class on marketing. When you want to do that hobby or work on that project, simply pick it up and put it down as you see fit.

Nothing is too difficult to be learned, nothing is too difficult to be accomplished.

Right now I’m working on my second 365 day project. The first time I did it I failed after 20 days. Then I set that project down and picked it up again a week later. After 6 or 7 tries I went and took a picture everyday for a year. I accomplished my goal! After each time I didn’t discourage myself and focused on getting the job done. There was no reasons to build a barricade between myself and my camera – I loved my camera and that wouldn’t make any sense.

So when there’s something that you want to learn or do, take that leap and get out there! Pick up the thing that you love and realize that you may have to pick it up and set it down many times before you get where you want to be. You’re not going to start off perfect or know how to speak the entire Spanish language on your first try. Human error is inevitable!

I push blogging onto everyone I meet because almost everyone has something to say. Not that it is important to be outspoken but it forces you to look inside of yourself. Suddenly you are confronted with “what am I going to say”. Eventually you become in-tune with yourself and the words just flow out. You can speak and you know what to say.

Blogging opens the door into self-exploration. I’ve started defining things that I want to do and who I am as a person. Not that either is necessary but it gives me a direction to walk towards in my life. It shows me how I react to things and where I want to go. Before I would just stand where I was and complain that I wanted to go somewhere else. Now I’m looking in each direction and taking my steps toward it.

Start blogging! You may be a horrendous writer, worse than me (as if that’s possible!) but at least you’re getting something down. At least you’re taking steps to go somewhere. Even if you don’t know where yet. If you’re a photographer, start that 365 project you’ve always wanted to do. If you want to write a novel, make a goal and write a page everyday. If you want to travel, put a jar on your table and drop pennies in. Take those first steps forward. One day you may find yourself where you’ve always wanted to be. I hope one day this is where you find yourself, but until then start walking! 😀


Photography 365 Project (Week 22)



And if I take the responsibilities of the world.

Day 147/365

Day 2/7 Collab week with Carolyn!

This is such an exciting project! Did two photoshoots today, I’ll post more photos tomorrow I think! 😀

Check out Carolyn’s version here!

View On White!



From One Dream to Another.

Day One Forty Eight!

Day Four Of Collab week with Carolyn!

Check out her version here!

Look at her version! This collab is so much fun! I’ve learned so much about my photography and about Carolyn’s though this mini project! I encourage everyone to do something like this with a friend! 😀



Only In Dreams.

Day One Forty Nine!

Day Four Of Collab week with Carolyn!

Check out her version here!



Never Look Back.

Day One Fifty One!

Day Six Of Collab week with Carolyn!

Check out her version here!



And through our hearts we may see the world.

Day One Fifty!

Day Five Of Collab week with Carolyn!

Check out her version here!




Day One Fifty Two!

Day Six Of Collab week with Carolyn!

Check out her version here!

Hahaha, no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t edit this the way I intended it to, needless to say I’m unhappy with this edit! :



Objects in Mirror are Closer than they may appear.

Day One Fifty Three!

Day Eight Of Collab week with Carolyn!

Check out her version here!

I love love love her version! It’s even got the capital of the USA in it. 😀 Please please please check out her version! 😀

Dafdsafsdfasdfa:Collabs are so much fun!

Kudos to Carolyn for all of her edits. Without her none of this project would have happened. She’s incredible!


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