Feeling through Instruments

The reason that I love instrumental music is because there are emotions we feel that cannot be described with language. They need no labels and words cannot fit with them. There are joys that are higher than words and sorrows that have more depth than the human voice. The emotions instrumental music can make, transcend our ability to define them.

Kashiwa Daisuke uses sound clips to create these feelings while other groups progressively change your mood. The song “Storytelling” by world’s end girlfriend uses Shione Yukawa’s voice as the instrument to bring meaning to the melody.

If you cannot find instrumental music that does this for you, then you haven’t looked far enough. Instrumental music is as broad a genre as “rock” has become. Below I’ve compiled some of my favorite instrumental songs. I hope that you find something that brings out an emotion you’ve never felt before. If you have Spotify, you can just use the players, otherwise use the good ol’ YouTube.