What do we want?

Sommersault” by Zero 7

Sometimes in life we run across things which bring great meaning into our life. We meet people who make us more more and want to be more. Maslow would write that they help a person actualize, or become the best possible version of who they could be.

This song, which I ran across last week, brings that idea to mind and reminds me of what I’m looking for. I want drive, I want passion, I want enthusiasm. I want someone who makes me desire to be more than I am.

Then again, what we seek most outside of ourselves is usually what we should be seeking most internally. If I want that drive, maybe I have to find it within myself – not depend on another person to supply it.

But what is the value of another person other than to supply these traits? Why do we go into relationships? What do we seek out of people other than physical intimacy?