Guide to Blogging (WIP)

So you want to blog (or you’ve been pushed into blogging ) and you don’t know where to begin. Well have no fear, I’m here to make the process easier. I’ve divided blogging into a series of ‘how-to’ posts. You can begin at the introduction or jump to whatever you’re interested in:

  1. Introduction
  2. What is blogging?
    • Basic purpose
    • History
  3. Okay, now how to do it?
    • Where to write
    • Choosing a domain
    • Picking a theme
  4. Basic Navigation of
    • Dashboard
    • Homescreen
  5. Useful Knowledge
    • Posts vs. Pages
    • Categories
    • Tags
    • Widgets
  6. Community
    • Where are the blogs at?
    • Microblogging vs. Macroblogging
  7. Excuses to avoid blogging
    • Why should I contribute?
    • Time consumption
    • Complexity
    • Et Cetera
  8. The Real Push and theory of blogging