17/365 End of the Road

The original intention behind starting another 365 project was to produce content regularly. There were no rules for the project. The idea was to have a new piece of work displayed daily. Sometimes that meant posting a picture, other days it was a few paragraphs of writing.

This kind of project was not a new feat. In 2011, and again in 2014, I completed separate 365 projects. The first focused on photography while the second was purely writing. The purpose of each was to learn a new skill. I wanted to effectively communicate myself through images and text.

The “Page” project (this 365) was dedicate toward producing new content without boundaries. If I felt like writing 5,000 words, great. Some days only 10 words came out. I wanted the creativity to be realistic because it ebbs and flows at different rates.

What I’ve realized is that I continuous produce art. I fill notebooks and take personal pictures regularly. My communication style ranges from painting to videography. Art isn’t something I create occasionally, it’s constant. I don’t need a 365 project to produce work regularly.

What’s left is how willing I am to share unprocessed work. It takes months to digest certain emotions. Everyday I may create something new but that doesn’t mean it’s worth displaying. Not that it’s worthless but rather it’s meaningless if it doesn’t effectively communicate the emotion.

I’m going through a lot currently. Plans about moving are starting to be made, friends I’ve had are leaving, and I’m left to digest it all. Yes I produce art but I don’t want to share it all. It’s jumbled and jagged. You don’t play with broken glass and the work I’ve created lately isn’t pretty.

This is, I guess, an official end to this 365 project. I will continue to produce work and release it on this site as well as Everyone Wanders and The Anatomy of a Dreamer – but it will not be regular. Eventually this may change but now I need a break. I need to dig deep and work on the difficult art. The kind that takes more than one day or a few hours to create.

Have a wonderful night/day/morning wherever you are! I’ll see you when I see you.


Waking up early tomorrow morning to go visit Table Rock with some friends. I’m stoked to get back on the trail and to take some pictures outdoors. I’ll post them as soon as I get back. Other than that, there isn’t much to report.

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The Ghost of Whoses

I’ve learned in life that you can elevate those around you or you can tear them down. You can laugh and bring joy into dark and meaningless places or you can let them be dark and meaningless. The choice is always yours to make.

I know that I can choose to be conscious. I can notice how other people are and I can separate from it. If a place is unhappy, I can smile. I can pay attention. It doesn’t matter if a place is dark and saddening, I get to choose how I feel and how I respond to it.

It sounds silly, and perhaps it’s late to be writing, but I’ve come to the realization that so much of my life is decided by me. My moods and reactions are mine. I can be empathetic and loving or sarcastic and deprecating. I can choose to be angry at a world that is full of suffering. I can blame and point fingers at those who cause problems. Or I can bring the happiness and light that I wish to see more of. I get to decide that.

Some days I’m going to be exhausted. I’ll get upset. But as long as I can remain conscious of my decisions, I’m going to try to bring about positive change. It’s difficult moving in a different direction but I feel so much more satisfied contributing this way.

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Well it looks like I missed a day. Whoops. Here’s a picture of me almost a year ago:


It’s hard to believe that eventually I’ll leave this place. We’re never permanently in an area, yet we still cling to them. Charleston has been my home for a little over a year. I’ve learned the names of the local streets, know which grocery stores are open late, and where to eat when I’ve craving certain foods. While it’s true that I will learn these things at every place I live, it’s still hard to let go of familiarity.

It’s ultimately a lesson of appreciating what you have while you have it. Currently I appreciate the afternoon thunderstorms, the friends around me, and all the seafood. These things won’t last. Unfortunately they will be left behind. But I try my best to take it all in. I am grateful for each of these experiences and I hope that when I finally do leave, I’ll have completely and utterly experienced them.

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Continuing on as if yesterday didn’t happen. #YOLO or something like that.



It’s weird. Anywhere I go, I find myself surrounded by books. When I moved to Texas and started over, books and magazines started piling on my desk. The same happened in Mississippi. When I got to Charleston, I immediately filled a bookshelf.

What amazes me is that other people aren’t like this. To me, books feel like home. They’re filled with so much knowledge. Someone felt so compelled by what they were doing or thinking that they had to write it into a book.

Yet, when I visit friends, sometimes I don’t see any books. They live their lives without these vessels of information. Somehow they live their lives without the curiosity to know what fills these pages.

The picture above is a bookstore on Ramstein AFB. A few years ago, I flew over to Germany and spent a few days exploring. This bookstore was small but I spent a lot of time sifting through the books.

It’s almost as though books carry physical comfort. When I’m surrounded by them, I feel as though I am with their authors. Somehow, if I read the pages, these people come to life. The struggles they’ve endured become my own. Through their difficulties, I’m able to better understand my own life.

Currently on my shelf: Daring Greatly by Brené Brown

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