Terminal Lance

Great comic created by Maximilian Uriarte when he was serving in the Marine Corps. The humor applies to many DoD jobs and I enjoy clicking through the three-panel comics. They’re quick and funny. The MRE strips always makes me chuckle (1, 2, 3). This is the one I always use to introduce the comic.

Mississippi River Trip 2014

Nic Douchette finished his four year enlistment with the Marine Corps in 2012 and took up kayaking in his free time. A couple years later, him and his buddy Gabe Vasquez decided to kayak the Mississippi from headwaters (Minnesota) to the Gulf. Nic blogged the entire trip and posted it online. They used the trip to raise money and bring awareness to the Semper Fi Fund. An organization dedicated to assisting disabled veterans recover from injury.


More to come in the future…