January 25./ WordPress Anniversary

Eleven years have gone by since I created my first WordPress account. Back in 2011, Flickr was the go-to social media site for sharing your pictures as a photographer. Many of us created blogs to display our portfolios. That was the first connection I had with WordPress.

The portfolio quickly evolved into a platform for interviewing other artists. From there, it turned into a place to reflect and journal. Back in 2013, I did an entire year of blogging daily. It’s crazy to think how much blogging I did back then.

Around 2015, blogging sizzled out and I never really recovered.

Answer me this; when there are a dozen different microblogging sites, why bother with blogging? I’ll say it again; when there are sites that prepackage post design and make blogging a two-click deal, why both with conventional blogging?

It’s the same reason people work on antique cars or collect coins; people do it simply because they enjoy it. Sure, the new muscle car gets there quicker and more efficiently – but who doesn’t love looking at a classic car.

Conventional blogging has always felt like doing long-hand math to me. Usually, when I see a basic math problem, I can do it in my head. Sometimes, I need to write it out the long way to feel like I’ve arrived at the right answer.

When trying to write a post on Facebook, I always stumble over trying to make it short and sweet. With conventional blogging, you can write on and on until it really feels like you’ve gotten it all out. There’s just something different about it. When you’re done with it, it’s all there in front of you.

Now, I’ve learned over time not to make commitments with blogging out loud (shout out to New Year’s Day from 2014-2018). They never seem to work out for me. Daily writing demands too much energy and yields too low quality of a product. Weekly writing results in me procrastinating til the end of the week to blog, then building resentment because I don’t feel like blogging at the end of the week.

It is my intention to begin blogging regularly again. I’m not sure exactly what that means yet but we’ll see in time. I have a lot of adventures to share and projects to document. Look out for posts on fermentation, on kayaking Florida, on books (quite the classic here), and on anything else.

Happy 11 years on WordPress – and here, I’ll say it like this; until next time!

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