Essay./ Note to the Artist

There’s this confusion that new artists have a tendency to exhibit. I want to clear it up. Whatever you feel, put it into your art. Nothing is off the table. It doesn’t matter what it is- there is no exception to this. There is nothing too indecent or wrong to work with.

It’s common for artists, even practiced ones, to hold certain emotions back or to try to spare their viewers. Don’t intentionally restrict the flow. Whatever elicits a feeling, use it. If it brings out a strong reaction, squeeze it onto the palette.

It’s a human tendency to try to make suffering beautiful or meaningful. Don’t confuse that for what I’m saying. You don’t have to transform death or infidelity into digestible material. It isn’t your job to make tragic experiences less painful.

But it is your responsibility to pull its nectar. Smear it across the page. Let your lust drip from the painting. Type your libation. Describe what it’s like to kiss the man you shouldn’t be kissing. Press your lips against the bosom of your muse. Leave nothing unsaid.

Life is too short for watered down art. It’s too brief for palatable material. Give us zest. Burn our tongues a little. We can handle it. Press your shaky lips against ours and let us taste you.

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