Impressions./ “1985” (Movie)

The trees are blowing around out my window as we wait for Hurricane Sally to pass by Biloxi. It’s a dark day outside. The rain has come and gone in five minute drizzles. As I’ve sat in my hotel room watching movies, I can’t help but want to nudge the hurricane past us. It lingers and I just want to get this weather over with.

This “just wanting to get it over with” is an emotion that isn’t often explored in films. When we have bad news to tell our friends, there’s a period of time before we tell them. There’s a time when we’re scared and we just want to blurt it out but we can’t. We just want to shove the hurricane past us. “1985” does a very good job of lingering.

The main character, Adrian, is visiting home to say goodbye to his family. He’s a young man, dying of AIDS, and he hasn’t told his family that he’s gay. We join Adrian at the airport, when he arrives, and aren’t told of his life outside of his hometown. The movie finishes with him flying out and we don’t know what happens to him. We’re in the middle.

Black and white film is usually hard for me to watch. Film-makers often treat it as a novelty, as though it’s shot in color and just desaturated. “1985” beautifully used light and texture. I was reminded about how much I enjoy film and B&W.

Finally, I loved the awkward conversations and the pauses. There were points that I wanted to jump into the screen and shout what the character needed to say. It made me connect with everyone.

Overall, I recommend. Definitely a sad movie. Gave me a few tears towards the end. Worthwhile though.

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