August 29./

Today was my first day out of quarantine. To be honest, the day was somewhat anticlimactic. I expected that I’d spend time wandering around town but instead I was lazy. Hotel living is hard and while I want to be out, I didn’t muster up the energy. There are definitely parks to explore around Biloxi but I’ve felt extra lethargic these last few days.

On Monday, I start class in person and I really look forward to meeting my classmates. I’ve felt antisocial for a while and living out of a hotel has amplified that. It will be nice to meet people and, well, be around humans again.

My friend suggested listening through Post Malone’s “beerbongs & bentleys” and I’ve been working through it. I brought my DAC and headphones in my bags and I’m glad I did. I’m actually surprised at how much music I’ve been digging back into. It makes me feel like myself again.

Now that I’m out of quarantine, I’m able to explore that area a little more. I meant to drive up to Jackson today but I woke up at 11am. It’s a 3 hour drive each direction and I decided to skip it for the day. Tomorrow I think I’m going to study for my test on Monday. I’m not sure what else I’ll do.

Not much for a weekend but, heh, I’ve been on vacation for a long time. It was bound to get boring eventually!

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