August 25./

After abandoning blogging a few years ago, I’ve fallen out of the “web-design” loop. WordPress has changed their entire setup with the block editing. It’s nice and I wish they would have done it five years but I’m totally clueless on how to get it to work. Maybe I’ve become too used to automated designs like Facebook and Instagram.

Anyways, it’s great to be back on here and writing regularly. I’m not sure how I want to split the blog but I definitely want to have an area for journal entries (like this) – compared to articles and reviews.

It seems that WordPress has died out even more in the last few years. I’ve been searching for topics and coming up dry. It’s possible the search feature sucks. I suppose that it always has a bit.

Nothing much to report today. I just wanted to get something down. I’m out of quarantine on Saturday and I’ll hopefully have a chance to go visit Jackson, Mississippi. Biloxi has worn out of me already. Not a lot here outside of the casinos!

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