August 21./

As I drove home from the grocer, “City Lights” played through my car speakers. Wind whipped through the open windows and filled the song with a cool static. The car seemed to drive itself. My hand gently stretched out grabbed at nothing.

To the left, a truck creeped by and added an ugly rumble. Its suspension bounced and groveled. I didn’t pay any mind. The sounds weren’t unwelcome. They mixed in the wave of freedom I was feeling.

A few hours earlier, Biloxi felt like a kiln but with the sun setting, the heat released its grip. The air was no longer thick and the air conditioner rested.

The sun fell as a golden disk on two conjoining clouds. There were no other clouds in the sky. The disk nestled gently, with its bottom rim meeting the top of the clouds. Light poured out. From the edges, pink lines stretched in every direction.

It had felt like someone unshackled the weight of my heart. I felt unburdened.

Hawaii melted off my skin in a light sweat. I was no longer looking backwards. Right now, I tasted hope; hope of meeting new people and setting down burdens. I gazed up and saw Sylvia’s figs growing in every direction. Everything is so easy at this stage.


Not normally the writing that I do but it felt right for today. On a complete side note – I have struck gold. I found King of Pops. All is well with the universe. (Also “Glory” is another great song!)


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