Essay./ in the name of anonymity

I’ve heard it said that to speak with a pseudonym is cowardly. To create without your name is dishonorable. I’ve been told that we should be responsible for what we say. That we should attributable for the impact that our work causes.

I don’t think that there’s dishonor in wanting to remain anonymous.

We hold our names close to our heart. They represent who we think we are. To create with a name is to mold our identity.

To me, creating is shaping that which is unknown. It’s a form of self-discovery. When I start a project, often I don’t know where I’ll end up. I create as an unfolding of myself.

Writing anonymously allows us to explore areas that are unknown. It allows us to see parts of ourselves that we don’t know if we want to adapt into our identity. It’s exploration without identity. It grants us the freedom to speak outside of the preconceived notions of who we are.

If you want to use a different name, or no name at all, I think you should be able to. I don’t see shame in it. Speak what rings true to your heart, let that be your guide.

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