August 14./

Sitting at the HNL airport, it’s finally starting to dawn on me that I’m leaving. I’ve been go go go for so long preparing for the move that I haven’t really felt sad about moving.

Today I drove the North shore coast to Kaneohe. The weather has been perfect and my entire left side of my body is burnt.

My friends grabbed dinner with me at Dixie Grill one last time.

After we sat down, we ran into some buddies from work and they started feeding me shots. It was a good time.

The airport is less busy than I expected. The air is thick and although it’s 8pm, I’m sweating. I’ve loved this place and I can’t fathom living anywhere else.

Tomorrow night, I’ll be in Biloxi and then I’ll move to Pensacola in October. I can’t believe how quickly time is going by. So much planning for months and the move day is finally here. 🤯

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