August 11./

Well, I’m official without a home now! I had my move-out inspection this morning. Funny to think that I’ve been stressed for the last few weeks about it. I paid for a cleaner and I was still nervous that I’d have a crazy person inspecting my window sills for dust. Oh well, I tend to worry too much about these things.

After I turned in my keys, I felt a lot of stress shift off my shoulders. I didn’t realize how angsty I was about the inspection. I snagged a sandwich for lunch and spent the afternoon re-reading “Promises” by Marie Sexton.

I’ll be honest, usually I’m turned off by straight women writing gay novels. It feels weird in some ways. But after a suggestion by Alistair, I decided to try it out. I read the whole book in two sittings. It was really good. Now I’m re-reading through it.

I know that I should be trying to enjoy my last few days in Hawaii but I’ve felt so exhausted. I just want to lay in bed all day and read.

Fortunately, some buddies wanted to grab dinner and a couple beers. I managed to make it out of my hotel room for a little bit. Oh, and I sold my car this afternoon. Tomorrow morning, I’m running to the DMV to finish the paperwork.

Only 3 more days until I fly out!

Tomorrow my Grandma is having surgery. I know that there aren’t many people reading this but if you could send good vibes her directions, I’d be endlessly appreciative. Hopefully everything goes smooth.

Write again soon,


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