The Importance of “Happy” and paying attention

One of the coolest projects I’ve seen in awhile is Joel Robison’s “Feel Good Friday” webseries. Once a week he shares “ways to feel better about ourselves and the world around us”. These videos are light-hearted and beautiful. They range from “Tips for Feeling Better” to simply affirming that “You can do it!“.

There’s one where he discusses the importance of having a happy place. Not just somewhere you can wander off to in your head but a physical location that you can go to. He says “[happy places] help us clear our minds, they give us positive energy, and they give us a place to go that’s really just essentially a place to feel happier”.

I wanted to contribute by saying that paying attention to what makes you happy is important. Physical happy places give you an anchor if you’re feeling blue. You can visit them and take time to relax. They offer a way to unwind and find your inner happiness.

The Dalai Lama stressed the importance of cultivating that which causes happiness and to refrain from that which causes suffering. This advice seems apparent but most of us don’t live that way. We stay in our stressful patterns and, through ignorance, continue the cycle of our unhappiness.

Becoming aware of physical places that help you “clear your mind” and “give positive energy” is important. It’s one step towards becoming more conscious of ways to improve your life. Paying attention to the way you respond to other things are beneficial.

For example, I’m guilty of listening to really sad music. In fact, if you look at my library, you’ll find that my ‘most played’ songs are about horrible breakups and unrequited love (…and look at my love life…). When I open Spotify, these are the songs I immediately go for. Not because they’re sad but because, for some reason, they’re the ones that I life.

Now, if I pay attention to how this music impacts me, I can see that I probably should listen to it. I’ll go from a neutral mood to an unhappy one. My mind becomes chaotic and caught up in previous relationships and memories. This isn’t the case for everyone but the point is, I can see how the music impacts me. I have the opportunity to change that behavior. It takes a lot of consciousness but I can remove one element that brings suffering to my life.

On the opposite note, there are excellent bands which make me joyous and dance around my room. I love listening to them and I walk away from the experience feeling elated. Why don’t I always choose to listen to that music? It’s a “happy place” for me. Instead, I wallow to the sad music.

This is the opportunity to grow! You can learn to pay attention and notice what causes suffering and happiness in your life. Find places that you can go to relax and let loose. Those places are important. Realize that there are many things in life that will help lift you up, you just have to be conscious enough to know what they are.

I can’t give an answer on what your happy is. That’s something you have to find yourself. Really feel and take it in. Find ways to lift yourself up and pay attention to that which brings you down. You know where to go from there! 🙂 Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!

BLOGtober day twenty nine!

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