Redesign, redesign, redesign

Tonight I’m a caught up in organizing everything. Every few weeks, I hit a point where I want to remove all my work from the internet. I want to “start again”. I get bored with whatever I’m doing and decide to redo it all. Usually I avoid doing that and I reprocess old work instead. I distract myself to safeguard my designs

These nights generate the newness that comes with running a blog. I’ll adjust what I have to better fill my needs. This means redesigning layouts across my sites: The Anatomy of a Dreamer, Everyone Wanders, and this site. Making changes to navigation and pages. New categories surface and tags stay a mess (that would take months to process).

The struggle I have is that I have many parts of me that don’t come together in a beautiful way. My personal life and blog includes a lot of complaining and contemplation (i.e. this post). Professionally, I want to compile the best of other artists, as well as interview them, and organize their work in a meaningful way. I also have my photography that I want to share online.

It’s difficult to shove these three parts together. I want to write honestly and personally without spending a day or two editing what I have to say. That falls in the ‘personal’ category. Professionally sharing other artists’ work shouldn’t blend with my own personal posts. It displays opinions that the other artists may not agree with. Our differences are fine. Then, in sharing my photography, I want to display only my best. I don’t want to mix in all my emotions or opinions about x, y, and z.

Maintaining 3 sites would be no problem. I’ve managed more in the past. The trouble is whether the cost of the sites is worth the result. The first year of hosting with JustHost is around $72. The next year it’s bumped up to around $175. The first year would be fine. I can afford to pay $200 for 3 websites. But $600 a year in the future seems unreasonable unless I’m making money from these sites.

The goal is to share information. I don’t want blogging to turn to a money-making venture like I see many other people doing. I want to share information without being one of those “entrepreneur” guys. The ones that post incessantly on Facebook and nag their friends about ways to make more money. I don’t want my focus to be on the money.

Through today’s “organize everything” mood, I’ve found another $70 layout that I love. If I do end up buying the other domains, I know how I’ll design them. I don’t know why this brings me satisfaction. Designing web-pages is an odd hobby. I’ve managed to collect way too many of them.

Anyways, I’ll think this over tomorrow and make a few decisions about the future of this site! Hope you had a wonderful week! TGIF though!

BLOGtober day twenty three!

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