Struggling with Facebook (Again!)

In 2014, I took a 2-week hiatus from Facebook. I wrote a long post about how I was frustrated with the algorithm that creates everyone’s NewsFeed. Friends who are more active on Facebook appear at a greater rate than those who are less active. A person who posts once per day will appear less than a person who posts four times a day.

This makes sense mathematically but there’s more to it. A person who is more active also has more likes and interacts with others more. For example, John may post once per day and like 4 photos. That’s 5 pieces of information. Diana may post 4 times a day and like 21 photos a day. What happens is John gets cut out of the picture because I only see the 25 interactions by Diana.

It’s frustrating when I want to keep in touch with people but I have friends who post incessantly. The obvious solution would be unfollow Diana. However, the problem is not that she’s posting too much about her life, she’s just sharing and liking too many memes. Instead of my NewsFeed being populated by what’s going on in people’s lives, it’s just a never-ending page of memes.

Don’t get me wrong, I love laughing at the comics that people post. It just gets old and makes me feel disconnected from those people who I can only interact with online. I want to see what’s going on in their lives. When that’s removed, I feel left out.

I understand that I’m responsible for my emotions and that only I can choose to feel left out. I just want to keep up to date with family and friends without constantly badgering them with “what’s going on?”. I want to see that friends are going out and going to festivals, what their opinions are, how they are doing, and what’s on their mind. Statuses used to be about what’s going on.

The difficulty is that I don’t want to unfollow the people who post 4 times a day because some of their posts are about their life. If I unfollow them, I cut them out entirely and I don’t ever see them. The memes just pollute what I see about them and everyone else.

There are different sites for posting comics and memes. Tumblr and Pinterest are great. I love scrolling endlessly through Tumblr and looking at awesome pictures. But when I want to see what’s up with friends, and I go on Facebook, I’m seeing the same exact thing. Memes and stolen pictures everywhere.

I don’t know what the solution is yet but I’m still working on it… and it’s been a year. Maybe I need another hiatus.

BlOGtober day seventeen!

OH! I’m working on a guide to Blogging! It won’t be out for a few weeks but I wanted to let you guys know that I’m excited to be introducing posts that explain the basics of having a blog!

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