Well this week has certainly passed quicker than I would have imagined. Tomorrow is already Friday! This week I was moved to day-shift hours and I’m still adjusting to waking up at 0400 each morning. It really throws off my sleep cycle to go to bed this early. Yet, I have to do it to get normal amounts of sleep. Not trying to complain or anything. Good vibes for the end of the week!

I received a letter in the mail today from my Dad who’s deployed. It was great to hear from him and it felt awesome writing a letter back. In this digital age, sometimes it feels nice to slow down and hand write what I want to say. Typing is nice but different.

There’s an airshow with the Blue Angels over at Kaneohe Bay. I’m thinking about catching a bus over to that side of the island. After all, everyone loves airshows, right? It’s always cool seeing our aircraft fly around and look fancy.

Hope you all are enjoy the end of the week. Upside of being on day-shift; finally get Friday nights back! Woot woot! Working the afternoon kills that TGIF spirit! What are you all doing for the weekend?

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