My Best Friend Signe

In 10th grade, my history teacher introduced a girl with blond hair and eyes the color of glaciers. She said that her name was Signe and she was an exchange student visiting from Denmark. We sat on opposite sides of the classroom. It feels like yesterday that I met her.

Each time there was a group project, I always ended up in her group. I would walk across the class and ask to be part of whatever she was doing. I don’t know what intrigued me about her. It made me feel like a dork always walking over and asking her stuff. But I did it anyways.

It also happened that I was a photographer for our school newspaper. I was a total dork. One of the articles that they wanted to do in the fall involved the foreign exchange students. I was assigned to take a picture of each of them. That’s when I met a few other students and became part of exchange group.

Photo of Signe and Catalina for the newspaper

Eventually we started hanging out after school. She lived across the street from our high school. That turned to movie nights. We’d watch ‘Shaun of the Dead’ and walk to the grocery store. We’d buy the most American food we could find.


The year progressed and we spent a lot of time together. She became involved in my photo shenanigans and we did a lot of stuff around the Twin Cities. We even ended up at a random Bon Jovi concert.

At the concert!
At the show!

In that spring, we went to Prom together. We were also hosting French exchange students at the time, so we all went as a large group. We rented a limo and threw a party before we went.  It was a good time.


We had a lot of good memories together during her stay in America. She visited from summer of 2009 to the summer of 2010. It was really hard to see her go…

That winter I flew to Denmark over Thanksgiving break and visited her. She showed me Svendborg and I got to taste Danish culture. It was the first time I got to experience a culture outside the typical European countries. Their currency was odd to adjust to and their language is impossible to understand.


There are so many things wrong with this picture. What was going on with my hair? Look at them wine coolers. I was pretty intense at 15 years old. 

*legal age is younger in Denmark


Signe and I stayed in touch after I flew home. We Skyped often and stayed up-to-date through Facebook. In 2012, I went back and visited her again. This time she was living in Nyborg, a city in northern Fyn. We took the train around the country and visited Fredericia, Odense, and Faaborg.

Famous rock in Faaborg
I didn’t get the ‘pirate’ memo

I guess what I’m trying to say through this post is that I’ve had a good time. Signe has been one of my closest friends through the years. Every time I’m going through a rough patch and I call her, it seems she is too. We’re on the same wavelength often and I can’t imagine what life would have been life if we hadn’t met. It all seems to go back to that history class, where I was drawn to the girl with blond hair and eyes the color of glaciers.

BLOGtober day thirteen!


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