The Simple Life

As a child, I loathed going fishing with my family. We didn’t do it often but I remember being very upset when we did. In fact, it wasn’t just fishing. I hated when my family would drag me to museums or the botanical gardens. They used to bring my sister and I to our family’s cabin in Wisconsin. I hated that too. I’d sit inside and refuse to hang out with the family. There were so many things that I’d pout over.

Well, as I’ve grown, many of these mundane activities became pleasurable. Now I’d give anything to go hike through the mountains or kayak out in the ocean. I love going to museums and gardens. Festivals my parents used to drag me to as a kid now excite me. I’d pay money to go visit them.

Maybe I’m becoming an old fart. These are things which the previous generation seems to find enjoyable. Gardening, lounging around and talking, reading. They seem out-of-date for many of my old friends who I went to high school with. They aren’t based in technology. They’re very simple uneventful tasks. But these are what seem to bring lasting happiness to me.

Oh what I’d give to camp this weekend. As a child, I would have hated it. I would have rejected going out and probably spent the weekend on a GameBoy or something. Who knows? It’s just odd to think about how much I’ve changed.

Here’s an image from when friends and I went fishing with the alligators in June, on the Edisto River in South Carolina.

BLOGtober day six done and complete!

2 thoughts on “The Simple Life

  1. I loved when I stayed with you guys and had forced family fun. I wasn’t forced to do things with my family when I was growing up and now I really just want to go out and do things and it’s something I will drag my kids to do!

    1. That’s funny! I remember you coming on a lot of trips with us, like down to Florida. You always seemed more excited than Jamie and I. I’ll definitely be bringing my kids to the boring stuff! They better learn to love it! >:-)

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