Theme Update!

I’m so happy, I could cry. It took months to find the theme I wanted to use on this website. Last year I found the one you see now… with one minor gripe. The homepage displays only an excerpt from each post. It was limited to a couple hundred characters. It frustrated the hell out me.

It sounds trivial to care so much about a minor aspect of this theme but it consumed how I shared. The way it displayed each post required an image at a certain width. While it’s great to share a photo, sometimes it feels limiting to be forced to do it on every single post. Not everything I write needs a photo to go with it.

With that being said, I scoured the internet for a fix tonight. Surprisingly, the company I purchased the theme from had a forum where it was quick to find the solution. It took about an hour to understand how to edit the base files for the theme but I figured it out. It felt like the Myspace days when you’d have to know basic HTML to change your profile.

Now, when you go to the homepage, you can see the full blog posts without having to click on them.

*sighs in relief

It sounds silly but this made my night. I feel like I can resume blogging regularly here. It’s a good thing too because today is now day five of BLOGtober. I’ll work on today’s post after I get some sleep. I’ll be dreaming in HTML now. Ha-ha.

I hope you have a wonderful night! 🙂

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