Picnic at Short Stay (Moncks Corner, SC)

Rolling out of bed on day shift schedule has become difficult. Anything before 9am takes effort. I’ve been spoiled with night shift. Getting up for my work’s picnic yesterday sucked. My body didn’t want to go to sleep early, so I sat on my phone until 2am. When I woke up, my body felt sore and heavy. Showering didn’t help.

After quickly eating, I drove off to Short Stay. The squadron picnic was hosted there last year and around an hour drive. It’s located off Lake Moultrie’s eastern shore. The park is beautiful enough. It’s military only, so the area is well-maintained.

I’ve gotten excited about moving to Hawaii. I leave in a little over a week now. One of the things I’m anticipating is buying a jeep. I’m getting psyched up about it. I swear, everywhere I go, I can sense them around me. Short Stay was covered in jeeps.

The pavilion we rented was nice. There were only a few people when I arrived. A couple of them were hanging out. I didn’t recognize anyone so I stood back. For a while, I awkwardly shuffled around the area and looked out at the lake. There were boats whizzing by and pontoons blaring music. Everyone was having a good time.

When I returned, a few of my friends had arrived. We talked for a little bit and the small talk seemed to turn to static. These were some of my last moments out here. I had to take them all in and appreciate this time I had left.

The moment I looked at the lake I knew I wanted to go kayaking. The last few weeks I’ve been nuts about getting out on the water. I’ve been bugging everyone about going. Today was no exception. It took time but I convinced them to go out with me.

The food at the picnic was alright. Everyone brings sides and desserts – so it’s interesting to try out the concoctions. The cheesecake was good and ‘better-than-sex cake’ was delicious. It had pineapple in it. Which is one of my favorite fruits.

After we ate, we were about to go out on the water when one of my friends said she couldn’t go anymore. Soon enough, everyone else backed out too. It was just my friend Kristen and I left. We spent about an hour paddling around and jumping in the water. It was a great time.

The day drew to a quick end and, looking through these photographs, I’m glad that I got up early to go. I love my friends and cherish these last moments with them. Below I’ve attached a few pictures I took at the event.


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