Exploring Bald Rock (Cleveland, SC)

Immediately upon arriving at Bald Rock, you’re faced with a bunch of cars pulled over at a random bend in the road. If you don’t have the location programmed into your GPS, you’ll probably miss it. The night Merci, Jasmine, and I visited, there were a few cars parked and a vendor selling boiled peanuts. That’s typical South Carolina.

After hopping out of our vehicles, we were confronted with a spray painted sign telling us the rules of the park. Half way down the list, one rule read “Do not deface the rock”. As you’ll see in the images below, no one reads the rules.

Bald Rock is famous for its innocent graffiti. Although some of the work is profane, most of it feels like its been done by local kids. One of the first writings I saw said “Prom?”. Looking around the massive rock, you can see many similar scribblings.

Bald Rock really is massive. There’s no hiking required for the fantastic views either. As soon as you arrive, you can step out and see for miles. On South Carolina’s DNR page, they boast that the rock is 165 acres. What’s amazing is how much of it is covered in graffiti. When you walk towards the rock’s drop off, you can see how far Bald Rock expands.

Unfortunately, we arrived after hiking Table Rock and didn’t explore the area as much as I would have liked to. There was a small waterfall next to the entrance and if you walked down the rock, there were plenty of dips and bends to run around. Overall, a very picture-esque location that requires little effort to get.

Here are a few pictures from the trip:








I found a clean spot!


As we arrived back to Merci’s truck, we saw that a huge tree fell across the road. We were lucky that it didn’t fall on her car. Traffic in the area slowed as everyone drove around the tree. It was interesting that it happened during the short 30 minutes we explored the area.

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