Biking Elm Creek (Maple Grove, MN)

Instead of kayaking today, my father and I decided to go biking. Elm Creek is a local park where we used to go when I was young. The trails are paved and perfect for riding. By the end of our trip, we racked on 14.7 miles! It rained briefly but stayed dry for most of the ride. If you’re ever in the area with family, check out the trails. In the winter, there’s a huge snow-tubing hill! In the summer, you can frisbee golf on the southeast part of the trail.

2015-04-19 11.21.27

2015-04-19 11.22.36

2015-04-19 11.25.152015-04-19 11.29.532015-04-19 11.45.47

2015-04-19 11.53.172015-04-19 11.57.34

2015-04-19 12.17.032015-04-19 12.22.452015-04-19 12.36.102015-04-19 12.36.172015-04-19 12.37.552015-04-19 12.46.59

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