What’s the Point of the Internet?

Lately I’ve been finding a lack of meaningful content online. When I used to get on the internet as a teenager, I used social media to connect and interact with other people. As I’ve grown older, it seems like I log on to waste time. Instead of building community, I spend most of my time scrolling mindlessly through Facebook.

This is the result of my actions, or neglect of social media. Rather than starting a dialog with others, I’ve focused on expressing myself. I put a ridiculous amount of content online without interacting with my friend’s postings. This makes the internet feel incredibly lonely.

Blogging has become an interesting commodity as a result. It’s a way to express my thoughts and realizations. There isn’t a particular audience. I don’t write to gain readers. Nor do I write to provoke conversation. I blog as a way to express myself and to digest the emotions that I feel.

Yet, I can’t help but feel this space, where I write, has become dull and deprived of interaction. My existence online has similarly become dry. Instead of using social media for two-way communication, I’ve just been tossing new stuff out. It’s seems like all content is no longer meaningful.

Is this good? Is it bad? I don’t know. It just feels like the internet has become stale lately. Maybe I need a hiatus from it all. Maybe it’s me who’s isolating myself. Maybe content feels meaningless lately because I don’t find it useful anymore. It’s probably time to move on to different media.

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