17/365 End of the Road

The original intention behind starting another 365 project was to produce content regularly. There were no rules for the project. The idea was to have a new piece of work displayed daily. Sometimes that meant posting a picture, other days it was a few paragraphs of writing.

This kind of project was not a new feat. In 2011, and again in 2014, I completed separate 365 projects. The first focused on photography while the second was purely writing. The purpose of each was to learn a new skill. I wanted to effectively communicate myself through images and text.

The “Page” project (this 365) was dedicate toward producing new content without boundaries. If I felt like writing 5,000 words, great. Some days only 10 words came out. I wanted the creativity to be realistic because it ebbs and flows at different rates.

What I’ve realized is that I continuous produce art. I fill notebooks and take personal pictures regularly. My communication style ranges from painting to videography. Art isn’t something I create occasionally, it’s constant. I don’t need a 365 project to produce work regularly.

What’s left is how willing I am to share unprocessed work. It takes months to digest certain emotions. Everyday I may create something new but that doesn’t mean it’s worth displaying. Not that it’s worthless but rather it’s meaningless if it doesn’t effectively communicate the emotion.

I’m going through a lot currently. Plans about moving are starting to be made, friends I’ve had are leaving, and I’m left to digest it all. Yes I produce art but I don’t want to share it all. It’s jumbled and jagged. You don’t play with broken glass and the work I’ve created lately isn’t pretty.

This is, I guess, an official end to this 365 project. I will continue to produce work and release it on this site as well as Everyone Wanders and The Anatomy of a Dreamer – but it will not be regular. Eventually this may change but now I need a break. I need to dig deep and work on the difficult art. The kind that takes more than one day or a few hours to create.

Have a wonderful night/day/morning wherever you are! I’ll see you when I see you.

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