The Ghost of Whoses

I’ve learned in life that you can elevate those around you or you can tear them down. You can laugh and bring joy into dark and meaningless places or you can let them be dark and meaningless. The choice is always yours to make.

I know that I can choose to be conscious. I can notice how other people are and I can separate from it. If a place is unhappy, I can smile. I can pay attention. It doesn’t matter if a place is dark and saddening, I get to choose how I feel and how I respond to it.

It sounds silly, and perhaps it’s late to be writing, but I’ve come to the realization that so much of my life is decided by me. My moods and reactions are mine. I can be empathetic and loving or sarcastic and deprecating. I can choose to be angry at a world that is full of suffering. I can blame and point fingers at those who cause problems. Or I can bring the happiness and light that I wish to see more of. I get to decide that.

Some days I’m going to be exhausted. I’ll get upset. But as long as I can remain conscious of my decisions, I’m going to try to bring about positive change. It’s difficult moving in a different direction but I feel so much more satisfied contributing this way.

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