Well it looks like I missed a day. Whoops. Here’s a picture of me almost a year ago:


It’s hard to believe that eventually I’ll leave this place. We’re never permanently in an area, yet we still cling to them. Charleston has been my home for a little over a year. I’ve learned the names of the local streets, know which grocery stores are open late, and where to eat when I’ve craving certain foods. While it’s true that I will learn these things at every place I live, it’s still hard to let go of familiarity.

It’s ultimately a lesson of appreciating what you have while you have it. Currently I appreciate the afternoon thunderstorms, the friends around me, and all the seafood. These things won’t last. Unfortunately they will be left behind. But I try my best to take it all in. I am grateful for each of these experiences and I hope that when I finally do leave, I’ll have completely and utterly experienced them.

Page 13 of 365

Continuing on as if yesterday didn’t happen. #YOLO or something like that.

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