Yesterday was a perfect day. I started off by driving to the hospital and photographing a friend’s newborn daughter. Then I went grocery shopping and heard about a local event called the Flowertown Festival. Quickly, I ran to the event and walked around art tents for a few hours. When I finally got home, I cooked salmon and edited the photos from the morning.

Photographing Sal and Caitlin at the hospital was a wonderful experience. No one in my family has had a child in many years, so it was exciting to join them in their celebration. Baby Sophia was loving the camera and the lighting was perfect. It felt like everything lined up perfectly. Photographing events like this remind me of why I love taking pictures.


After I left, I had a few errands to run. The grocery store beckoned my name and I found myself with a full cart of food. While I was at the bakery section, a woman asked if I had gone to the Flowertown Festival in Summerville. I told her I had never heard of it. She told me about how popular it was and that I should go. So I did.

My GPS chose a route through the middle of the woods. It was beautiful and reminded me of the backroads where I used to live in Minnesota.


The festival was huge. I parked far away but the closer I got, the more people started appearing. Summerville closes one of its main streets so that vendors can set up tents down a huge strip. Off the side of the road, there were clusters of extra tents filled with art.


Unfortunately I arrived only two hours before the event closed. It took about 30 minutes to stroll from one side to the other without stopping at any of the tents. On the way back I started to weave through the art sections. Also, someone built a garden in an old bed:


I just happy to get fair food. Mostly mini-donuts. I think I could survive off them.


Oh, look at how happy I am.

Seriously, I wish I could spend more days like this Saturday. Taking photos, running around, eating good food. It was a great day! Tell me about your weekend! Did you get out and explore or did you lay back at home and relax?


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