Do you ever look back at an old photograph and disassociate who you are now from who you were then? This image was taken when I first arrived in Charleston last March. I feel like a totally separate person from then.

Sure, we have the same interests but the last year has changed me. I’ve fallen in love with both the people around me and the city I live in. My heart has broken and healed. My view of art and expression has changed. How I interact with others is incredibly different from when I first arrived.

None of this is for better or worse, it just is. In ways, I feel like I was less tainted, or held down by the world. When I first got here, my main goal in life was to create. I blogged daily, I vlogged, I took photographs, and I explored everything around me.

As I prepare to leave again, I can’t help but miss the old me. The one who drove downtown and ate at restaurants alone. Who’s purpose in life was to be enthusiastic, and filled with joy. Who knows where he’s gone to now. All I have left is this photograph of him.

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