Another Beginning

I read somewhere that it’s good for the heart to break. When we experience loss or pain, we crack away at our hearts. Eventually, after we’ve torn enough walls down, the core is exposed. All that’s left is love.

Over the last month, my life has changed dramatically. Expectations about the coming months and years rapidly dissolved. My heart was continuously shattered. Relationships I thought were building crumbled, places I had settled in my mind suddenly began to expire, and the presumptions I had about the coming years painfully disappeared.

As I began to look at what I struggled with, I realized that I stopped expressing myself. Somewhere I ceased to do what I was passionate about. For that reason, I’ve returned to blogging for another year.

This round, I am removing the rules from the other years. I will say whatever I need to with as many, or as few, words as I want. The goal is to write everyday but I won’t hold it against myself if I skip writing occasionally. Subject matter will vary and the medium may change. While I enjoy blogging, the point is to express. Some days I may write, while others I vlog or paint.

I want to tear down as many boundaries as possible; I want my heart to break open. Above all, I want to share this passion with you for another year. So here’s another beginning to 365 more glorious days and all that may come with them.

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