With a roar of Laughter, forget your worries

This was the day that my car died.
The death of the Buick.

Much of our ability to continue on is dependent on our capacity to let go. You can’t carry every lost friend, every heartbreak, every failure, on your shoulders. There’s mountains of pain that you will find in life and your body simply isn’t strong enough to hold it. If you can find it within yourself to forgive the shortfallings of yourself and others, you’ll see that everything is much lighter. Even walking is easier when your stop looking backwards.

After a while, you’ll realize that, like Osho said, life is full of laughter. It is a joke. How funny is it that you had to suffer to learn that! Your car breaking down during rush hour! How funny, how inconvenient! Your toilet breaking after you ate really bad food: very funny too!

In those moments, there was a lot of suffering. How will I continue? My car is broke, my life is over. Meanwhile life is laughing. It is not so serious! Of course you will continue.

Maybe you are experiencing heartbreak now. The person you like has moved on to someone new. Life is still laughing. It is not as serious as you think. Haha! You will grow from this and you will learn. It is funny that this happened.

You cannot see the humor while you carry the burden. Laughing is light, not serious. Lose the context and look at the situation as it is. If you look at the past, you will feel guilty: you should have known better. Looking at the future, you get nervous because you’re afraid what happened will happen again. The situation itself? No problem. It is funny! How silly it is that you feel so unhappy when there isn’t anything to worry about!

Maybe all of this comes across as jumbled. It does not make sense how pain can be funny. Look back at things you suffered from: being scared of the dark as a child; silly. Cursing out your boss as a quick way out of employment? Funny, worth it maybe. Lover abandoning you for a politician? How horrible, how ridiculous!

Our ability to keep moving forward is dependent on setting that pain down. Yes, it is difficult to see how things really are. Unemployment is scary and to others being single is terrifying – but if we don’t let that go, we bring it everywhere. Sadness and suffering aren’t meant to be spread. Laugh at the burdens, learn from them, and bring that humor to others. We all carry suffering from time to time. Find it within yourself to let go of that which is weighing you down.

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