Feb. 06/ Advice

Do not dull yourself for this world.

Be you. Let yourself be open. If you love, then love. If you feel happy, then feel happy. You are allowed to feel sad. You don’t need anyone’s permission to feel the way you do. Let yourself feel. This world is full of beautiful and horrible things, let yourself respond to them. You don’t have to conquer every emotion. Allow yourself enough room to really feel an emotion. Let the sads be sad and the happies be happy. Let them sink in.

Speak freely but kindly. Honest words are the best words, as long as they aren’t said to harm another person. What you say has physical reaction. Shouting at someone doesn’t solve the problem. Calling a person a name doesn’t fix the situation. Others will appreciate straightforwardness. Cutting through confusion is sometimes as simple as using less words.

This world is filled with billions of people, yet even a crowded subway can feel lonely. Make friends. Let people in. It’s better to go through life with others, they expand your views and add perspective. While we all crave closeness, often what we actually crave is ourselves. Others can’t fill your need to know yourself. Go out alone. Find when you make yourself happy, then bring that to others. Happiness is best shared. Always love, even when you’re broken. Find it in yourself to care, if not you, then who?


One thought on “Feb. 06/ Advice

  1. Nicely written and very good advice. I really the part about getting to know others because by forming friendships, and letting people in, we learn a lot about ourselves.

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