Nine Years [in pictures]

Lately many of my friends on Facebook have been posting throwback images. I wanted to join in the game by tossing out a picture every year for the last nine years. It’s hard to believe that I started taking pictures almost ten years ago. While each image is taken at a different time of the year, I feel each one summarizes how I looked for that year.

Around 2006, I got a perm and grew out my hair. As the curls faded, I kept the long shaggy look. In 2009, I started doing stuff with my hair again and cleaned it up. I cut it to half of its length and kept a shorter look. Even after the perm was gone my bangs went crazy. Then in 2012 I, for reasons unbeknownst to me, started pulling my hair back. I wore it that way until I got it shaved in 2013. Slowly its come back but it’s been a long process.

What’s interesting is the length of my hair seems to correspond with how open I was. In 2008, I was really shy and awkward. My ears stuck straight out and I covered them with hair. As I got used to them, I cut my hair shorter and shorter. Now I’m less shy and more social. I don’t know if they correspond with each other but it’s interesting to think about.

Also my chubby cheeks faded away and my face narrowed. My face looks oval now because I no longer cover my forehead with hair. I think my eyebrows look like they point higher in the center now (like a reverse angry face). If I spent more time looking, I’m sure I could find images that would be better for a comparison.

Anyways, if you have the time, you should sit down and gather old photos. It’s interesting to see how you’ve physically changed over the years. Putting them side-by-side gives you the opportunity to directly compare how you’ve changed. It’s a fun way to see how you have been marked by time. Who knows what we’ll look like in five or ten years. Maybe then we’ll have to do this again and see how we’ve changed!

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