Jan. 16/ you

It’s a shame that you cannot see yourself through another’s eyes. The way that your posture changes when you’re nervous or the warm glow in your smile. You almost electrify me when you get excited and god, when your eyes light up I feel invincible. I feel alive when I’m with you but you’ll never get to experience that.

Take a moment to let that sink in. You spend your entire life building who you are. Some people go to the gym to work on their body, others read books, some people travel. You build who you are with every action you take. This person that you’re constantly building, the one that’s so close that you can’t even see them, is the embodiment of you.

Yet, you never fully experience this person that you’re building. You don’t get to see the result of the work. What it’s like to relax with you and lay around on a Sunday. You won’t understand what it feels like to touch your skin or to kiss you.

This is why it’s such a shame. You are your greatest project, the work of your lifetime, something you never stop building until you’re in the grave… and the product is something you don’t get to experience. You can’t see the way that you walk or how you get nervous when there’s too many people around. It’s a tragedy you will never really know yourself.

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