In the art community, there’s a lot of talk about copyrights and ‘intellectual property’. People are upset that their images are used online without credit or that other people have edited their work without permission. These days it’s become more common for artists to have their work appear on books, in magazines, YouTube videos, and elsewhere without permission.

One of the major causes of this is that there’s so much information on the web. People are posting and reposting images without thinking of their source. On Facebook, people share images – on YouTube they put music in the background. It all comes from somewhere.

What’s interesting is that some of the best content is modifications of other people’s work. On Tumblr, people post gifs of interviews, stills from movies, they edited these images and make them into album covers and everything else. It doesn’t seem like it’s a problem there. No one complains that people are stealing content from movies.

How can a person complain that their work is being stolen while reblogging stolen content? It just seems so hypocritical to me. We need to find a way to solve this copyright problem.


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