Currently I have two Facebook profiles and I’ve had them since January. Earlier this year I decided to split my life, or fragment it between work friends and my personal friends. My contacts in my work life are mostly from Charleston. While my personal contacts include photographers from around the world and those I hung out with back home.

When I fragmented my life, I unintentionally broke myself. I divided the life I lead here from the one I had back home. All the dreams I had were left with those I used to live with. It’s a life I wish I could still lead but I’m gone. It’s the past, and I can’t go back to it.

The friends from here are different. They don’t have the same passions that I do. We’re not as close. It’s tearing me up inside because I’m caught between the path I was on before and the direction I’m walking now. I feel like I’m losing valuable contacts and time, and it’s slipping away from me.

Facebook has been this battleground because it holds both parties. I want to maintain contact with the old crowd, the one I want to have a future with. But I can’t because I’m gone. Yet, I want to have contact with those who are around me now – just not in the same way.

I don’t know how to explain it but I have to go to bed. I’ll write more tomorrow.


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