Getting Things Done

This month has been interesting, in fact the past year has been. I’ve moved around the country, spent a long time away from home, and experienced a new side to life. For the last few months I’ve been studying for a major exam, as well as writing on this blog. Both have consumed most of my free time and mental energy.

Mid-December, both will be complete and I will have a lot of free time. Then I’ll be able to write interviews again, create better content, and sigh a breath of relief. I feel as though I’ve tied an anchor to each leg and I’m having difficulty walking. Finally, next month I’ll be able to untie them.

What you can expect is a newly designed layout, more organized content, an increase in the quality of posts, and much more. I’m excited to dedicate more time to writing and interacting with those around me. Hopefully more collaborations will happen and we’ll see where 2015 takes us!


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