The Warhol Year

Andy Warhol was famous for his pop images and mass quantity art. He produced a large body of work by creating multiple pieces of art every day. While the quality varied, he designed incredible works. Check out some of his work here.

This past year has felt like a Warhol year. I’ve created a large body of work, with varying quality. The emphasis has been on producing more rather than producing better. It’s focused on growing as a person and diving into a passion. Writing felt incredible last December, so I had to follow what I loved.

Andy was also famous for his celebrity attitude. He hung out with the high class and made a mark in fashion and many other fields. Although he was known for having a large group of friends, he talked about his detachment from it. Instead of wanting to go to parties, he wished that he could just watch the parties on his TV.

For years he filmed aspects of mundane life like eating a hamburger. He wanted to observe everything. His video “Blow Job” was built on observation. The purpose was to see without interacting. He wanted to understand and really see the details.

When I joined, I became less social. I started to become bored with people. I wanted something more and with less interaction. Hanging out was dull because I had to make conversation. I wanted to watch it, see the conversation but not take part in it. I wanted to go out with friends but just to be with them. Not necessarily to interact.

Warhol made many comments about film and how it ruled America. He saw that people wanted to watch TV and didn’t always want to interact with each other. In the same way, over the last year, I’ve spent a lot of time introspecting and observing. I’ve been fascinated with interaction and how people communicate.

This year has been about trying to find myself and deciding how I fit with others. It’s been about watching and producing very real art. My writing is mostly unfiltered and raw. Sometimes it’s great, sometimes it sucks. I’ve been very passive with my relationships with others and passive in many aspects of my life.

That’s why I’m declaring this Warhol year over. I’m done with mass quantity. Producing work for the sake of producing work is useless. I want skill and tact. This year of observing is over with. I’m taking charge of my life. There’s two weeks left in this project and I’ll have spent 2 years producing art daily. It’s time for some changes! 🙂



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